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Why Do You Need a Realtor?

You need a Realtor for the same reason we hire a CPA, a dentist or a lawyer. Realtors have an expertise and knowledge about housing that the general consumer does not. I know a little about my taxes, maybe enough to even get my taxes filed, if I CLOSELY read the fine print on Turbo Tax. But, since I am not an expert and I don’t have tax knowledge, (let alone know tax laws and rules), by doing my taxes myself, it would probably cost me more money than if I paid someone else to do it. Do I want to pay for this? Of course not, but I also don’t want to pay more to the IRS than I have to because I know just enough to get me in trouble. Who knows, maybe I could end up doing my taxes myself.  The problem is, until I am right in the middle of it, I really don't know, and if I have gotten in over my head, it may be too late, costing me thousands of dollars and time. I am thinking I could probably also cut my own hair, but really, do I want to walk around with the consequences of that choice until my hair grows out? Probably not! I have to chuckle when I hear people thinking they can effectively buy or sell without a Realtor, (the biggest financial decision most people will ever make), but wouldn’t DREAM of cutting their own hair!

Realtors are not hired to be a chauffer, though some are. They are not hired to be a tour guide, although some tour. They are not necessarily employed to FIND your dream home, although most will. (If you are reading this you have already been diligently looking on your own for a home.)

The real value in having a Realtor is having someone who KNOWS what to expect and how this process works, someone who can prepare you before and during the process of owning a home. The real value in having a Realtor is having someone who negotiates on YOUR behalf and warns you of potential trouble ahead. When you have a Realtor who does this, it will save you time, money, aggravation and keep you from potential chaos and lawsuits!

Realtors are needed to help market, sell, negotiate, mediate, anticipate, look, seek, find, choose, haul, coordinate, encourage, listen, fight, demand and cry with you. We dig for information, compare homes, understand contract lingo, research, know loan programs, have knowledge about credit (that changes every day), understand how appraisals work, know terms like PMI, MIP, PUD, THDA and USDA. We know forms like HUD92541, HUD92544, Amendatory and Solders and Flux.

Realtors must also know people who can fix roofs, repair toilets, cut down trees, replace windows and work on air conditioners, and of course all at dirt cheap prices who can get it done yesterday!

Realtors also know lenders, title companies, and other Realtors who will be involved in your home sale, which makes the process go much smoother for the buyer and seller.

When you ask yourself about whether you should have a Realtor or not, answer this by asking that same question as if it were your child needing this service. Of course your answer would be yes. And YOU, deserve no less.

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