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I believe that having a place to call home is THE most important financial decision most people will ever make in their lifetime. Because I believe this, I make it my business to know what you are going to need and have your questions answered before you even know what to ask. Because I believe this, I am constantly looking for ways to streamline and be more time efficient, realizing people are busy and need to get on with their day to day lives. I understand while this may be a way of life for me, this is one small journey during a brief period of time in most people’s lives and they just want “the baby, not the pregnancy”. People don’t have the time to study all the information that has taken me years to accumulate. They just want the benefits of the information presented in an efficient, easy to understand way.

My job is to provide the information you will need in it’s simplest form and for you to be able to understand it before you even know you need it. My job is to look after your interest and take care of you. I do this by providing information that is best suited to your lifestyle. Sometimes this is through web information, facebook messaging, texting, phone calls or in person. Each person in unique and processes information that is best suited for them. I tailor my methods according to your needs.

If you haven't already found one, my job includes helping you locate a home. My job includes taking care of all the legal paperwork for this transaction, otherwise I would DEFINITELY recommend hiring an attorney, who, unless they are a real estate attorney, may not know how, or have the paperwork, knowledge and skill to provide what every different lender needs. I take care of coordinating the home inspections, walk throughs, termite inspections and appraisals. I take care of getting keys, listing homes, marketing, emails, photos, tours, video, pre-approval letters, finding lenders, property disclosures, finding covenants and restrictions, and other types of services or needs my client has concerning their home, all while continually going to school to stay updated on all the laws and rules that are constantly changing.

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