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Who is a Client?

  • Someone who has signed an Agency Agreement, stating they want the Realtor to represent them in their home search and purchase.
  • A Client is loyal to the Realtor
  • The Realtor is loyal to the client
  • A Client does not contact other Realtors.
  • Realtor keeps client information Confidential.
  • Realtor makes client a priority.
  • Realtors sit down and meet with buyers, discuss a plan, and goes over the process of buying.

Who is a Customer?

  • Someone who has no loyalty to any Realtor.
  • Someone who finds a house and will take any Realtor associated with the house.
  • Someone who wants to shop around.
  • Someone who contacts many Realtors at the same time.
  • The Realtor has no loyalty or obligation to a customer.
  • The Realtor does not choose a customer over a client.
  • A customer usually calls over the phone and may never meet with the Realtor while just asking questions.
  • Realtors have no obligation to show homes or answer any questions if they choose not to.

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